By Their Cold Fingers, a historical thriller/horror novel

Greenland, 1408. Norse villagers living at the end of the settled world struggle to endure an endless winter, but an unholy predator from the arctic steppe soon makes the weather the least of their concerns.

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Despicable, a Supernatural Thriller…

As a girl, she survived genocide. Now, a horrific creature has reemerged from that horrific time. What will it take to survive and overcome a mysterious and vicious enemy?

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Chindi, a historical horror novel. A US military officer and local tribal chief must join forces to fight an ancient Native American Demon.


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California, 1862. In an obscure and faraway corner of the new state, a military officer struggles to keep the peace between local Natives and remote settlers. Lieutenant George Crook also works to uphold a truce among the untrusting tribe of local Indians and his own men, soldiers who are far from home and out of place in the isolated backcountry.

But something is terribly wrong. Whole Indian villages are strangely deserted. Soldiers are coming up missing. An ancient Native American evil has awakened, and it threatens to destroy everyone, whatever their traditions or origin. Crook finds he must join the local tribal Chief in a fight for survival, hoping to prevail against an odious and wicked foe. But will such an alliance save the future, or does fate offer something more dreadful to the prospect of unity amongst former enemies?

The Huntsman of Corvinus

An ancient evil descends on the Central European capital city of Budapest. A supernatural killer stalks its timeworn alleyways, provoking terror amongst its distraught population and leaving untraceable and shocking murders in its wake.

An estranged American family finds itself at the center of the unnatural violence. Confronting a vicious predator, they find they must band together if they are to survive its ageless and malevolent curse. But as they come to grips with their horrid adversary, their time and options for escape dwindle, and they can only hope that overcoming their wicked foe will not cost them everything.


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Supernatural Thriller and Horror Collection: Vol. 1

Buy two premium novels, get the third free. This collection of thriller and horror novels offers scary and entertaining fare for lovers of the genre(s), and it will leave you wanting more as you turn pages deep into the night. Save 35%. Ebook only.


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The Best Horror and Thriller Novels for the Most Committed Readers

For those that love a scary and sometimes shocking story, with the best characters and most intriguing ideas…

You have come to the right place, and my work will not disappoint.

An Author of Horror and Thrillers

I have always been one that is intrigued with horror and thrillers; they are genres that inspire fear and dread, giving us a jolt in our minds and thoughts. Almost everyone holds onto that feeling in youth when we were first scared or shocked by a movie or book, and we often plumb those distant memories for decades, nursing that initial shock and dread with an affectionate and vivid recollection.

I am an author that aims to create those moments now and far into the future. I want readers to join me as I traverse time and geography, to find that which scares us most and bring it into your imaginations. I think you'll enjoy the journey, and I consider myself fortunate to be the one to take you there.


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